Daily Archives: 28/07/2009

Alarm Call

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Today I got an alarm call.  With the successive late nights I’ve had my system finally crashed.  Well, I nearly crashed.  I was driving with the kids in the back and for a few seconds I was out — the next moment I opened my eyes I was on the wrong side of the road and about to hit a pole!  I got a huge fright and swerved back in my lane.  The kids asked “Why did you go ‘Aaaah!’ Daddy?”  They didn’t notice that I had briefly dozed off.

Luckily I had already gotten off the highway when this happened, and was moving at less than 20 kph (I think).  We were by then on a quiet road a few blocks from home, before the paved road ends and our miserable dirt road starts.  Because it is a partly rural area where we live, there are usually very few road users.

I use the term “road users” here not just for people or the usual dog or cat.  It includes the odd trotting horse (with or without a rider), pet sheep, goat, bunny and occasionally a splendid peacock and his harem of peahens (think of The Muppets’ Gonzo and his chickens).

Oh, I should add a pair of llamas to that list.  Some enterprising neighbour has them for the valued fur.  They seem too smart for him though and have escaped at least twice from his flimsy fence.

Moral of the story:  sleep at home.  Errr… or is that drink lots and lots of coffee?  Hmmm, somebody has to help me here.