Daily Archives: 18/01/2011

No Longer Mine

I got word yesterday that Baha-bahagdang Karupukan should be leaving the doors of the printers sometime this month.  Alien to Any Skin should follow soon after that.  I am excited, terrified, and a little sad.  Finally they are going to brave the world which brings a sense of worry not that different from a parent with a child opening the gate on his/her own.  Sad, well, I am not physically there to open the first bundle, turn the cover, feel the paper between my fingers, sense the reality that my work is no longer just mine.

Joanna Ruiz designed the cover.  The spikes are that of a Brazilian Kapok tree.

cover for Alien to Any Skin John Marin Flores made magic with a photograph from his portfolio.

A million thanks to Jing Hidalgo and Sam Macaisa of UST Publishing House for all their kind support and endless patience.

Now I need to find my salesman’s hat.  Or, as a good friend warned, these pages might end up as cockroach fodder.