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How to Sell a Child Door to Door

How to Sell a Child Door to Door
version 2

tell them this child has no parent
and can only bring joy
to its new home
bring light and promise
into the room
as it silently sits
in their hands
even as the world burns
outside the window

tell them everything
they want to hear
that might make them smile
anything just to get
this child’s little foot
in the door

do not dare mention
the way this child looks
at the shadow
of a hand crawling
on the door knob

do not bat an eyelid
should the child
gasp at fragments
of moth wings
by the kettle

no one invites sorrow
into their lives

then again, only the weight
of sorrow can keep
the balance of life


I was going to post something else, but then this one just came to me now, a first draft as drafts can come.  Not even sure if it makes any sense yet.

Of course I know why I wrote this.  And no, I won’t tell. Except that there are two, and they are made of paper.

UPDATE.   Decided to take out the first draft and put in version 2.  🙂