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“Train Ride” post from ALIEN TO ANY SKIN blog

I remember one time coming home from work, missing not just my station but shooting past about six others.  People grew more panicky as the train gained momentum.  We all felt there was something wrong.  Some folks tried to pry open the automatic doors.  But the train was going too fast to jump off safely, so they shouted outside to anyone who could hear as the train hurtled between stations.  Everyone held on to something firm.

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Murmur – not a review

Murmur (Penguin Graphic Fiction S.)Murmur by Lorenzo Mattotti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is not really a review but a ramble.

Murmur was the first graphic novel I ever bought. Got it from a library, kept borrowing it until I decided it was indeed worth having. Ordered it secondhand from Amazon – my first Amazon purchase!

I go back to it every now and again to feel awe, horror, and sheer joy. A mesmerizing book. I ended up ordering Fires.

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