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Trawling 3

Funny to see your own photo unexpectedly.

Here’s a link to “my page” on the Modern Poetry in Translation website: http://www.mptmagazine.com/author/jim-pascual-agustin-5470/

You could barely see the eye bags. Har har har


Trawling 2

I was a little disappointed when I received my contributor’s copy of this anthology so I never mentioned it. But hey, if your work gets picked, be thankful. If it gets mentioned in a review, shout it out… hmmm I’m not really the shouting type unless some chemicals are running in my veins (or so I imagine). So here.


The poetry is the second reason I love this book. I’m a sucker for poetry, and good grandparent poems are hard to find. From the Porch Swing is chock-full of them–honest, unvarnished poems about grandparents who were the same way…

Jim Pascual Agustin portraying a grandfather:
Even when he was quiet
his long fingers still on the thick
wooden ledge, we felt
the weight of his eyes
slowing down our marbles.



The poem is included in Alien to Any Skin (UST Publishing House, 2011).




Currently checking the net for any mention of my work… just found this again:
Two poems (which I am usually reluctant to review) caught my attention. ‘How to Fetch Firewood’ by Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau is dedicated to the women and children of Darfur, and has been published in multiple venues prior to this. It is a powerful, both moving and chilling poem about the horror and desperation of living in a war-torn and famine-wracked land with no hope and no help. Jim Pascual Agustin’s ‘In Every War’/’Sa Bawat Digma’ is a bilingual poem published here in both English and (I presume) Filipino. Like the above-mentioned poem, this one focuses on the plight of non-combatants in wartime, in this case parents who cannot sleep for fear of what might happen to their children. – The Future Fire Reviews (http://reviews.futurefire.net/2008/11/gud-3-autumn-2008-rev-johann-carlisle.html)

Will add more soon.


An Apology

I have been away from here for too long. I apologize to all those who read these posts – not that there are many of you, but a single reader is as valuable to me as a million. I meant to write something while I was back in Manila, but far too many roadblocks popped all over. My secondhand laptop could not manage the heat and humidity and came close to turning into molten lava. I could have cooked a full meal on it, but somehow I felt responsible for such an old friend. I managed to bring it back to Cape Town in one piece, and it has since recovered. Now it is a back up machine should this new one I got decide to abandon me midstream.

Some big news… my twin books born in 2011, Baha-bahagdang Karupukan and Alien to Any Skin, will have new siblings. Now busy with copy editing the texts and getting hold of blurbs, possibly introductions – should the stars allow. If you or anyone you know have read and enjoyed/hated my books or any of my poetry, please send me word.

Thanks for staying with me for the ride.