Daily Archives: 06/11/2012

Half Lives


What chance does half an onion have with half an apple? In separate containers, they will only be used when remembered. Perhaps try their best not to offend each other. Ah, the small tragedies of existence!

An Invitation

A very good friend of mine the poet, Emmanuel Q. Velasco, fetched my invitation to the 31st National Book Awards. I wish I could attend, just in case my nominated book, Baha-bahagdang Karupukan, actually gets chosen. 🙂  Emman’s own poetry book, Dalawang Pulgada at Tubig, has been nominated for the same award. We’ll still be friends whether either of us wins or not. Or so we hope. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now if I can just fix the secondhand teleporter Scotty handed me before he got sent off elsewhere…