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Am I a Puddle or a Pebble? Neither? (just a silly title haha)

I finished the initial translation of the first of three sections from my first book of poetry, Beneath an Angry Star (Anvil, Manila 1992). It comes as a surprise to me that most of the poems still work – at least based on my own attempt at “pretending-to-be-reading-someone-else’s-work” – and that, translated into or from English, something new starts to quiver as if coming to life. There are a few from the original Filipino that just flounder in translation because the subject matter itself demands a particular knowledge of (dated) local popular culture.
Although I do this work on the side, I do have my own deadline to meet. I need to complete this work so I can get on with writing new poetry, and perhaps get back to attempting essays and stories which, in my experience, take more time and effort.
After I finish translating and editing the text, I intend to find a publisher or, failing that, put it out as an ebook on my own.  I am declaring this to the world in case some good soul urges me to persevere, or even offers me a door. It does seem like a long and lonely road, otherwise.
A pebble that never gets thrown will never cause a ripple. hahahaha. A terrible inverse (or some other term perhaps?) of a poem by one of my heroes, Emmanuel Lacaba, called. . . ready for this? . . .


In puddles and rivers
Pebbles hit bull’s-eyes
Before targets are drawn.

The Tangled Bank Anthology Finally in Print!

Bloody and Goody: Muscle and Blood Literary Journal Issue 1 Launched

Detail of a photograph by Thomas Zimmerman, Muscle and Blood Literary Journal Issue 1

The first issue of Muscle and Blood Literary Journal has just been released – online and I believe a print edition is also in the works.  I love their declaration.


We hate most of the stuff that’s on TV. That’s why we started Muscle & Blood Literary Journal. We’re sick of having our intelligence insulted by every program that comes on, or being treated like we’re part of some massive cross-section of people they’re trying to appeal to.

We’re for everyone: working class, upper class, black, white, indigenous, male, female, early 20s, late 60s, and anyone else. The only thing our readers have in common is they’re intelligent people. You’ll find that kind of person everywhere, and if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that you’ll find the other kind everywhere too.

Muscle & Blood Literary Journal is not TV–it’s a magazine, and not the trash kind they sell on newsstands. Rather, it’s a literary journal, which publishes fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and reviews. To paraphrase an oompa loompa, this means no commercials.

What kind of poetry and fiction do we feature? The good kind–the kind that sounds like the author knows what they’re doing. We’re not big on stories about vampires, elves, or aliens, and we definitely aren’t going to publish anything hateful. Aside from that, the writing in our magazine could be about anything, as long as it’s about something–we hate getting to the end of a poem or story and asking, “So?” Poems can be in any form, except haiku–really, we’ve had enough of those for our lifetime, and we’re sure you have too.

We also publish nonfiction about the issues of modern society, which may include the problems of 24-hour news, or the implications of product placement on television’s artistic merit–we really hate TV. But if you’re slow (and it’s OK, some of us are too), TV is a metaphor.


Go ahead, I encourage you to visit the site.  Fantastic reading!

Oh, and a poem of mine – “Someone’s Head” – appears in it, too.  🙂   That shouldn’t be your only reason to check out the site though.  hahahahaha.  Leave a comment there to encourage the excellent and friendly editors (yes, a rare breed!).