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Three Now Alive on DEAD SNAKES

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Most places that accept poetry often have a note that they only accept unpublished material. A lot of my poems in previous books would love to find new readers in other homes and so it is a joy to find places like DEAD SNAKES.

Three poems from ALIEN TO ANY SKIN just got accepted there. Please visit DEAD SNAKES and leave a comment to show your support.




“Did you know Jim passed away?”

This is what Jim’s wife said after I had placed an order for a 25 kg bag of dog food.  She said Jim passed away on the 17th of “this month” – meaning November.  Yes, I know it is the 2nd of December today, but death has a way of slowing time for those it touches.

I hadn’t spoken to Jim for a few months, but his wife told me in a previous conversation (over ordering dog food, again), that he was bedridden and would not take food.  He just wanted to die.

Jim and I had a chuckle when we first met.  It was obviously a funny line to say “Hi, Jim, I’m Jim!  Nice to meet you.”  For at least two years he delivered bags of dog food for our pets.    And he genuinely wanted to know where I was from originally, and, having never left the borders of South Africa, he asked what it was like in my country.  In September last year he heard about the terrible floods in Manila.  I told him I was on my way there in a few days.  He was truly concerned for my family, as if they were his own.  When I returned from that trip he listened intently as I described what I had seen.

He mentioned he had cancer and was treated for it.  He hated being sick, and was hopeful that he had gotten rid of the disease.  But it came back with a vengeance.  Early this year someone else had taken over the delivery.

I really didn’t know Jim very well.  Didn’t even know his surname.  All I know is that he was a very kind and soft spoken man.  Easy to surrender a smile or a gentle laugh.

One more connection lost.