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“People Like You” as read by Someone Like Me hahahaha

Rhino 2011 which published my poem “People Like You” earlier this year has put up an excellent blog. I was requested to submit an audio recording of my silly voice so they can post it on the blog with a… gasp… photo of me!

So for those who miss the voice of Kermit the Frog, please visit the Rhino blog. Duh… that rhyme was totally unintended. 😛

“People Like You” forms part of the first section of my poetry book Alien to Any Skin.

Here’s the link

Thank you, Valerie of Rhino. 🙂

RHINO 2011!!!! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!!!!

RHINO 2011 has published my poem “People Like You” which is included in Alien to Any Skin. They are putting up an mp3 page of authors reading their poems – I am yet to submit my croaky voice. 🙂