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The Big Horn

RHINO 2010

This morning I practically forced my way into the local Post Office with a slip of paper saying there was a parcel that was too big to fit in my postbox.  The guy who handles most items there is called David — and he always calls me by my surname which makes me feel like someone important (yeah right, I keep thinking he’s referring to my late father whom he never met).

Anyway, David hands this parcel and I try to hold it but it drops to the table.  It was heavier than I thought (or I was suffering from a worse bout of flu than I thought, messing with my sense of coordination and balance!).  I laughed instinctively and apologized.

I get to the car and quickly open the parcel to see my contributor’s copies of RHINO POETRY!  Makes up for this stinking flu and stormy weather.

It looks really grand!  And thanks to my dad’s surname I got to be first in the contents and about the contributors pages.  Ha!  All those years in high school when I was usually near the front — in line for a firing squad, it felt like — are now a distant nightmare.   😛

The poem they decided to publish is called “Until Nothing is Left.”

If you love poetry and would like to support the fantastic effort by these guys, please do go and order a copy!